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New Members

The Society meets monthly, publishes a monthly newsletter called the Albatross and sponsors regattas, cruises, and related events throughout the year. The Society's major event is the Yesteryear Regatta held in spring or early summer. 

There are three classes of membership: 

  • Flag members are those who own qualifying vessels* 

  • Regular members are individuals without qualifying vessel 

  • Honorary members are of two types: individuals who have commended themselves to club esteem and boats that have distinguished themselves by virtue of their historical value. 

NOTE: Two flag members of the Society must sponsor an applicant. *A qualifying vessel is a sail or power boat of ancient vintage and/or classic design that is made of traditional materials. 


The following is a brief description of the membership process: 

  1. After receipt of the membership application and fees, the Board of Directors will vote on the applicant at the next regular monthly BOD meeting. Each class of membership must be accepted by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors. 

  2. Prospective applicants are welcome to attend general meetings and participate in all events. 

  3. Accepted members will be officially welcomed at the next general meeting, presented AMSS burgee (if applicable), and requested to say a few words about themselves and their vessel. 

  4. Your name and description of your yacht will be published in the Albatross. 

  5. Questions about this application or the Ancient Mariners Sailing Society should be directed to Membership Chair or email the club on the "Contact Us" tab 


  • Flag & Associate Annual Dues: $75

  • New Flag Member Initiation & First Year Dues $120

  • New Associate Member Initiation & First Year Dues  $95


  • Informative Monthly Meetings

  • Races & Cruises

  • Classic Boat Shows

  • Raft-Ups

  • Albatross Newsletter 

  • Social Events

  • Boat Building Demonstrations

  • Discounts at Participating Establishments

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